Data Monetization and Smart Targeting Engine; Real time, Privacy compliant “Information brokering Engine” for sharing anonymized/contextual mobile network data sets to the programmatic mobile advertising world RTB / SSP / DSP).

Key USPs for Mobile Operators

    1.     Complete solution for activation, data aggregation and monetization
    2.     Anonymization technology with unique identiers to ensure administered access and assured data protection
    3.     Easy deployment ensuring no disruption to your existing business and minimal overhead
    4.     Design and privacy approach developed in partnership with operator and regulatory authorities for complete                compliance
    5.     Complete eco-system ready with demand and supply side integration (More than 100+ partners integrated)
    6.     Utmost quality data for precision targeting to reach specic target audience
    7.     Complete pricing control with varied different models (CPI / at pricing / revenue share)

Unique Features

      Anonymization Technology

     Unique Identifers

     Design Privacy

     Easy Deployment

     Plug & Play

     Pricing Control

      Administered Access

      Assured Data Protection

     Regulatory Compliance

     Multiple Partners

     Precision Targeting

     Flexible Business models